K&V Building Renovations & Tiling was founded in 2003, which was an outworking of Kevin’s many years of experience in a variety of trades.  Kevin’s experience has been integral to the success of the business, having licences in a number of different trades.  Kevin has an in-depth understanding of each individual trade and how that fits into the overall project.

In 1997 Kevin Bradshaw, the Managing Director of Anakainoo Pty Ltd, moved to the Sunshine Coast in pursuit of a career change. Prior to this he had worked in the Engineering and Mining Industry for approximately 20 plus years. Completing an apprenticeship in sheet metal fabrication in the mid 1970ís and adding additional qualifications over the years. He held positions of leading hand, supervisor and on-the-job trainer in large Engineering firms in Mt Isa, Mackay and Oaky Creek coal. Managing onsite projects from pre-fabricated sheds through to construction and installation of large mining equipment and apparatus. He also held an interest in carpentry and as a side interest spent time working on community church and housing projects, assisting builder friends and undertaking small renovations.

From 1997 – 2000 he worked in the Building and Construction Industry on the Sunshine Coast, gaining experience under the expertise of master builder Dave Earl, ìHomes of Distinctionî, where he continued to increase his knowledge and experience working on multi-million dollar waterfront homes and commercial buildings. 

In April 2000 Kevin began operations as a Sole Trader subcontracting in tiling, renovations and landscaping whilst continuing studies to complete requirements for the licences he now holds. In October 2003 Kevin Bradshaw t/a K&V Building Renovations and Tiling was registered as a business. This identity traded and grew steadily fulfilling the vision and goals set many years previous. 

September 2006 Anakainoo Pty Ltd atf Bradshaw Family Trust t/a K&V Building, Renovations and Tiling was incorporated to prepare for future growth and fulfilment of the vision, being ìÖto extend operations to
assist developing nations with sustainable economic development through project development, building and training.

Having started as an apprentice and working his way through the ranks Kevin has gained the skills and knowledge necessary to take on the role of Managing Director of Anakainoo Pty Ltd. Multiple licences have allowed the company to provide a streamlined, value added supply to clients, eliminating delays that are often experienced in the building industry due to intermittent contract trades. 

The company in its various forms from Sole Trader to Incorporated Company has trained 5 apprentices who have gone on to be proficient tradesman in their own right.